One Membership

Yes that's correct, we know how confusing it can be when deciding what is the best membership for you.   So we only have one and that is £39 a month, yes £39 a month, come as often as you want and use whatever equipment you like, whether it be a bicycle, a trainer, a stepper or a trampoline, it is that simple!




Try us for FREE

It cost you nothing and you are not committed to anything. So come along and take adavangate of the FREE Trial and discover for yourself why hundreds of Ladies enjoy coming to BodyShapers. 





Ladies Only Wellness Centres

Lose Inches - Lose Weight - Tone Up - Eat Healthy - Get Fit - Feel Great


Our very friendly ladies-only centres are specifically designed to provide you with affordable, one-stop exercise, wellbeing and nutritional support.  Whether you've never exercised before, not sure where to start we are here to help you.   


If you need to lose/gain weight, tone up or improve your mobility our professional team are trained to work with you to make every visit to our centres a pleasure.


Getting Fit & Healthy the fun way!

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