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Elliptical Trainer

This Elliptical is built for the commercial environment, from its heavy-gauge steel frame to its durable powder coated paint.   Elliptical machines provide a cardiovascular workout similar to the one obtained through walking, running or using a treadmill. On an elliptical machine, you move your legs in an elliptical motion without ever lifting your feet from the pedals.  They provide weight-bearing exercise, meaning that you must support your body’s weight as you work out. Weight-bearing exercise helps to build bone density and reduce the risk of osteoporosis.   Most weight-bearing activities, such as walking or running, cause wear and stress on your joints the Elliptical offers a no-impact alternative to these activities. This aspect of elliptical workouts makes them much easier on the joints, particularly the knees and hips  Unlike treadmills our elliptical machines incorporate upper body exercise with moving poles that you pull on with your arms. Thus, you can achieve an efficient upper- and lower-body workout in less time.  These machines work a variety of muscles in the legs, including the quadriceps, hamstrings, calves and glutes, as well as some in the arms, including the triceps and biceps. They can also strengthen your abdominal muscles, correct use will automatically engage your core muscles.


Recumbent Bicycle

This Commercial recumbent cycle is the perfect bike for the commercial environment. The step-thru design makes it easy for the user to get on the bike, and the 12 position easy-adjust seat allows them to find the most comfortable position.  Recumbent bicycles are designed so you sit lower to the ground with your legs out in front of you rather than sitting up with your legs below you. Working out on a stationary recumbent bike or riding a recumbent bicycle on the road have similar health benefits as regular bicycles. They provide cardiovascular exercise, help you watch your weight and increase your strength. Recumbents also have the additional benefits of better safety and more comfort, and they put less stress on your knees and hips.  Recumbent bicycles can help you lose weight and improve cardio, there are a few benefits that recumbent bikes have to offer that make them the better choice for many people.


Water Rower

Superbly engineered and crafted from a range of hard woods, the Water rower offers a rowing action that feels exactly like the real thing. Just like a rowing boat the WaterRower responds to how hard you row. If you row gently the water flywheel that is formed with each stroke will react gently. Row harder and you create a larger water flywheel that increases the workload. You even get the soothing sound of rushing water. The series IV monitor is highly sophisticated but user friendly and will guide you through various programming options.


Flys & Thighs


Firms the inner and outer thighs, trimming and improving hip mobility whilst simultaneously shaping the chest, shoulders and upper back.


Chest & Legs


Working on the chest, shoulders, arms, legs, abdominals, upper back, buttocks and hips this machine really does provide a great workout.  Helping to reduce stress and leaving the body relaxed yet energised, a great machine.


Tummy Crunch


The tummy crunch firms and flattens the entire abdominal group of muscles while strengthening the lower back, mobilising your hips, knees and tightening the buttocks, sit up made simple!




The movement up and down on a trampoline makes it easier on the heart while improving circulation to the brain and other extremities. Because it’s weight-bearing, Cellercise can strengthen the heart and collateral vessels without the ballistic impact associated with typical aerobic activities. It is for your overall health and wellness.


Sidebend Stepper


As the name suggests this machine side bends coupled with an alternate step action that exercises the waist, abdominals, arms, shoulders, legs, buttocks and lower back, a really great machine.


Waist Away


This superb exercise creates a firm narrow waistline, firm abdominals whilst simultaneously adding strength and flexibility to the lower back.


Power Plates


Providing benefits ranging from improvement in blood circulation, to a variety of other measurable outcomes such as increased flexibility, improved range of motion and decreased cellulite.

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