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Weight Management

Background Information

For many years the dietary pyramid has encouraged us to consume six to eleven servings of carbohydrates per day. Current research suggests these levels are too high, taking into consideration our current relatively sedentary lifestyles. Clever marketing campaigns and availability of high carbohydrate foods have led or attributed to many more people being overweight. 

Carbohydrates that are not burnt for energy by the body are taken up by the fat cells and stored as FAT!


Here are some of the health risks of being overweight or a poor lifestyle:  


Type 2 Diabetes, Fatigue, Insomnia, Menopausal Symptoms, Depression, Infertility, Heart Disease, High BP, Arthritis, Gout, High Cholesterol, Gail Bladder Disease


If you have tried other weight loss programs but have lost the weight only to put it back on again, then this could be just what you're looking for. 


Bodyshapers programme is designed to provide all the necessary amounts of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and trace elements in proper balance as you lose weight. You will feel and look better than you have for a long time, as your body converts unwanted body fat into energy - with no sagging skin or drawn face to worry about. 

Bodyshapers Weight Management Plan is based on balancing proteins and carbohydrates, not counting calories or fats, nor taking a magic tablet to help you lose weight.


Boosts your metabolism

This is perhaps the most significant aspect of Bodyshapers Wellness Centre Weight Management Plan - and it’s the number one factor that allows you to quit yoyo dieting for good.  It’s basic science. A higher metabolism = more calories burned during the day - even when you’re at rest. Our impressive weight-loss plan increases your metabolism by ensuring you eat the right foods in addition to regular use of the machines, which builds calorie-burning muscle.



Individuals learn healthy lifestyle and eating habits. It is not a product, it is a way of life. You will receive email updates every week on different topics. This will help you to reach your deserved goal.



Each week you are weighed in to see how you are doing and support is on hand every time you attend the centre


Permanent results WITHOUT permanent dieting

The plan makes your metabolism work hard – which means you drop pounds and it’s a glorious goodbye to those horrid yoyo diets.

You will probably reach your goal weight with a higher metabolism than when you began. But if your metabolism does diminish due to significant weight loss, Bodyshapers  has a method to make it increase again without the worry of weight gain.


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