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In May 2012 I got married and spent the following 10 months eating and drinking whatever I wanted with very little exercise! As you can imagine I put on a fair bit of weight which caused me to loose my confidence.

That's when I decided to Join Bodyshapers! In March 2013 I joined up with a set of goals in mind of how I wanted to look and feel, In 10 weeks I had lost 36 inches and a stone in weight!!! I feel great.

The team at Bodyshapers have helped me with my confidence and are pushing me in the right direction to succeed in reaching my goals. The Bodyshapers girls are a great friendly team with lots of time for you unlike a regular gym.

I came back from my holiday in Spain last year feeling utterly depressed and unattractive.  My confidence level was extremely low.  I had enjoyed my holiday but had dreaded going to the beach with my family – I had felt like a “beached whale”.  This was not the woman I was used to being.

All my life I had been slim and confident.  I had my daughter in my 30’s and since then, the weight had been gradually creeping on.  Also, a busy life with a job and family and looking after an elderly relative meant that I had forgotten about me.  I didn’t have the time or inclination to watch what I ate, even though I knew that I was getting bigger and bigger.

I decided in January, this year, that I had to do something to get my body (and my confidence) back.  I was tired of constantly wishing I was slimmer and wishing I could get into the type of clothes I wanted to wear.

I saw an advertisement for Bodyshapers in a local magazine and decided to give it a try.  What was there to lose?  I had my free trial on the 18th of January and immediately signed up.  I have not looked back since.

I could not be more delighted with the results I have achieved.  I am a new woman!  Since I started, I have lost 2st and 4lbs and 29”.  I have dropped from a size 16+ to a size 12.  Alongside the exercise regime at Bodyshapers, I have completely embraced a healthy eating plan – I don’t call it a “diet” because, for me, it is a new way of life that I am determined to carry forward.  I have never felt so fit and healthy for years.

Not only do I look much slimmer and more toned, my confidence is back and my whole persona is back to what it used to be.  My husband is delighted to “have me back” and to see me looking “happy” again.

I love going shopping for clothes and it is so liberating to be able to try on new clothes without asking myself whether I am going to look fat in them or avoiding some styles altogether.

I am going on holiday again this year and I am actually looking forward to going to the beach for the first time in a long time.

Bodyshapers has given me the “kick-start” I needed and the support to carry it through.



I was starting to feel middle-aged. A belly was now where there wasn't before and I was definitely feeling unfit.


The answer was at the end of my road, literally! I started at Bodyshapers just over a year ago, and have lost about a stone and three quarters in weight and have lost count of how many inches have gone. However, don't want to it stop there, the improvement is 'work in progress' and with the encouragement and support from all the team at Bodyshapers I will achieve my goals, and keep this body in shape.


I get support from the other ladies 'working out' and I hope that they can see I try to give them a bit of mutual encouragement too. It really is a very social way to tone-up this was definitely one of the best decisions I have made.



After piling on the pounds since retirement and trying several “diets” my husband pointed out the flyer for Bodyshapers.


I decided to take a look and found an exercise routine I enjoyed doing 3 times a week in a relaxing friendly atmosphere. You get encouragement and diet advice.


I am now in my 2nd year and have gone down 2 dress sizes and lost 1 stone and 44.5 inches.  


In fact my husband has been on the same healthy eating plan and has lost a stone too!!!!



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